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Peace Equity Standard

Peace Equity Standard

Embracing Peace Equity: A Guided Approach for Issuers

The Peace Equity Standard is a comprehensive guide, ensuring that every step of the investment journey contributes positively to peace and conflict resolution. By adopting the Peace Equity Standard, one gains the assurance that the investments are not just financially sound but are also actively contributing to a more peaceful world. Whether establishing a specific Peace Equity fund or managing a diverse portfolio, this Standard is an assurance that every asset is aligned with a vision of peace. 

Leveraging the 9 Impact Principles for Maximum Impact

The Peace Equity Standard merges seamlessly with the 9 Principles of the Operating Principles for Impact Management (OPIM). While these 9 Impact Principles provide a broad framework, the Peace Equity Standard adds a specific focus on peace and conflict sensitivity, enriching the investment process at every stage.

Strategy Development: At the outset, align the investment strategy with the goal of creating peace. The Peace Equity Standard helps to integrate peace-focused objectives right from the planning stage.

Origination and Structuring: When designing and setting up the investment, the Standard ensures that peace and conflict sensitivity are at the core of the investment approach.

Portfolio Management: The Standard guides issuers to maintain a consistent focus on peace outcomes, ensuring that every decision aligns with peace-centric goals.

Exit Strategies: Even when exiting an investment, the Standard helps to do so in a way that sustains or enhances the peace impact that have been nurtured.

Independent Verification: To ensure credibility and transparency, the Standard advocates for regular checks and balances through independent verification.

Join us: Invest in Peace

Let's transform the landscape of investing through every investment decision we make. As an issuer, you are not just managing funds; you will be shaping a future where finance and peace go hand in hand. The Peace Equity Standard is a your assurance partner in this endeavor, ensuring that every investment you make leaves a positive imprint on the world.

Peace Equity Standard [link to download]

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