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Peace Bond Standard

Introducing the Draft Peace Bond Standard: Setting a New Benchmark in Impact Investing

The Peace Bond Standard is not just a set of criteria; it is a commitment to excellence and a beacon for responsible investing.

So, what does the Peace Bond Standard offer?

A Gold Standard for Peace Bonds: The Peace Bond Standard is considered an international best practice for labelling Peace Bonds. It outlines the essential criteria that bond issuers must meet to initiate and receive certification for a Peace Bond investment. This ensures that every Peace Bond upholds the highest standards of integrity and impact.

Comprehensive Guidance [link to guidance ?]: From structuring to managing and verifying peace impact investments, the Standard provides a clear roadmap. It is designed to guide issuers through every step of creating a bond that truly makes a difference.

Inspired by the Best: Drawing from the successful models of the ICMA Bond Principles and Climate Bonds Standard, the Peace Bond Standard is crafted to enhance credibility and acceptance among issuers. It is a standard that resonates with the values and expectations of today's market.

Confidence for Investors: For those investing in Peace Bonds, this Standard offers the assurance that their investments align with market best practices. It is a promise that their funds are contributing to verifiable, meaningful peace-related outcomes.

Join us: Invest with purpose

Together, let's set a new standard for what it means to invest with purpose. As an issuer or investor, you are not just part of a financial transaction; you will be part of a global mission to use finance as a force for good.

Peace Bond Standard [link to document download]

Get certified [link to 2.1]


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