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Using the Taxonomy

Using the Taxonomy: A Step-by-Step Approach

  1. Familiarize with Peace Concepts: Understand the nuances between negative and positive peace, and how they translate into Social and Political Peace. 
This represents the absence of direct physical violence or the fear of it. In our Taxonomy, it's encapsulated under 'Safety and Security', a crucial dimension of peace.
This is about fostering trust and cohesion between various social groups and the state. It involves transforming conflictual relationships into non-violent, cooperative ones. Social Peace is about building bridges and healing divides.
This focuses on formal, often political solutions to conflicts, supported by legal frameworks like peace agreements or international resolutions. Political Peace is about creating lasting, formal structures for peace.
  1. Align Investments with Peace Goals and relevant SDGs: Use the Taxonomy to ensure your investments contribute to peace in meaningful ways, sensitive to the local context in which they operate with clear contributions to relevant SDGs and national development objectives.
  2. Screen and Evaluate Projects: Check projects for their alignment with the Taxonomy's eligibility criteria, focusing on their potential to enhance peace and meet minimum environmental and social safeguards[link to] and compliance with the exclusionary criteria [link to].
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